The Logical Journal

Reflect your emotions, plan your goals, and express your achievements

Document your life’s little but worth remembering moments of the day with 'Stay Logical!!' Journal
Inspired by Homework for Life

If you had to tell a 5 minute story from today what would it be? As benign and boring and inconsequential as it might seem, what was the most storyworthy moment from your day?

Write one moment for 10 days and it will change your life forever

For whom?


Enhance your ability to manage multiple tasks at once by daily journaling your thoughts.


Keeping a track on your habits at the start of your career leads you to a more examined life.


Scribbling down your everyday thoughts and wisdoms as you gain more and more life experiences.

Frequently asked questions

'Logical Journal' is thoughtfully designed to suit today's hectic lifestyle. It is a guided journal, by investing just 5 minutes a day you can take control of your routine, finances, health, and wellness. You can preserve your daily thoughts, memories for years to come.

Then you will love this experience. Moments is not just another journal. It is a guided journal with every single page custom-designed. Just follow the lead and it will come naturally.

It could anything and everything. These five-second moments are the moments in your life when something fundamentally changes forever. You fall in love. You fall out of love. You discover something new about yourself or another person. Your opinion on a subject dramatically changes. You find forgiveness. You reach acceptance. You sink into despair. You grudgingly resign. You’re drowned in regret. You make a life-altering decision. Choose a new path. Accomplish something great. Fail spectacularly.

As many as you want. Although there is no defined number of moments you must record but we strongly recommend to record at least 1 moment every day before you goto bed.